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BackgroundCopyManagerEnumerateJobs Method (Boolean)

Enumerates the jobs in the transfer queue. The order of the jobs in the enumerator is arbitrary.

Namespace:  usis.Net.Bits
Assembly:  usis.Net.Bits (in usis.Net.Bits.dll) Version: (
public IEnumerable<BackgroundCopyJob> EnumerateJobs(
	bool forAllUsers


Type: SystemBoolean
A value that indicates whether to include all jobs in the transfer queue - those owned by the user and those owned by others. The user must be an administrator when this flag is true.

Return Value

Type: IEnumerableBackgroundCopyJob
An enumerator to iterate through the list of BackgroundCopyJob objects that represent the jobs in the queue.
ObjectDisposedExceptionThe method was called after the object was disposed.

The enumerator provides a snapshot of the jobs in the transfer queue at the time you call the EnumerateJobs method. If you retrieve property values from a job in the list, however, the values reflect the current property values of the job.

Each BackgroundCopyJob object that is returned by the enumerator holds a reference to a COM interface and implements the IDisposable intrface. Therefore you should call Dispose when your are finished with it.

using System;
using usis.Net.Bits;

namespace BitsTest
    internal static class Sample
        internal static void Main()
            using (var manager = BackgroundCopyManager.Connect())
                Console.WriteLine("BITS Version {0}", manager.Version);

                // list all BITS jobs of the current user
                foreach (var job in manager.EnumerateJobs(false))
                    Console.WriteLine("{0} '{1}' {2}", job.Id.ToString("B"), job.DisplayName, job.State.ToString());
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