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usis.Net.Bits Namespace

The usis.Net.Bits namespace contains the types that allows you to use the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) from a .NET Framework application.
Public classBackgroundCopyError
Provides informations about the cause of an error and if the transfer process can proceed.
Public classBackgroundCopyErrorEventArgs
Provides arguments for the Failed event.
Public classBackgroundCopyErrorInfo
Provides informations about an error.
Public classBackgroundCopyException
The exception that is thrown when a BITS operation fails.
Public classBackgroundCopyFile
Contains information about a file that is part of a job.
Public classBackgroundCopyFileEventArgs
Provides arguments for the FileTransferred event.
Public classBackgroundCopyFileInfo
Provides the local and remote names of the file to transfer.
Public classBackgroundCopyFileProgress
Provides file-related progress information, such as the number of bytes transferred.
Public classBackgroundCopyFileRange
Identifies a range of bytes to download from a file.
Public classBackgroundCopyJob
Provides methods and properties to add files to the job, set the priority level of the job, determine the state of the job, and to start and stop the job.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobClientCertificate
Provides properties that specify the client certificate for a job.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobExtensions
Provides extension methods to the BackgroundCopyJob class.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobHttpOptions
Allows to specify client certificates for certificate-based client authentication and custom headers for HTTP requests.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobProgress
Provides job-related progress information, such as the number of bytes and files transferred.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobProxySettings
Provides the proxy information that the job uses to transfer the files.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobReplyProgress
Provides progress information related to the reply portion of an upload-reply job.
Public classBackgroundCopyJobTimes
Provides job-related time stamps.
Public classBackgroundCopyManager
Provides methods to create transfer jobs, to enumerate the jobs in the queue, and to retrieve individual jobs from the queue.
Public classBackgroundCopyNotifyCommandLine
Specifies a program to execute when the job enters the error or transferred state.
Public classConstants
Provides constants for the BITS class library.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyAuthenticationScheme
Defines the constant values that specify the authentication scheme to use when a proxy or server requests user authentication.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyAuthenticationTarget
Defines the constant values that specify whether the credentials are used for proxy or server user authentication requests.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyCertificateStoreLocation
Defines the location of the certificate store.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyErrorContext
Defines the constant values that specify the context in which the error occurred.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobFileAclOptions
Flags that identify the owner and ACL information to maintain when transferring a file using SMB.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobHttpSecurityOptions
HTTP security flags that indicate which errors to ignore when connecting to the server.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobNotifications
Defines the constant values that specify the type of events you will receive, such as job transferred events.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobPeerCachingOptions
Flags that indicate determine if the files of the job can be cached and served to peers and if BITS can download content for the job from peers
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobPriority
Defines the constant values that specify the priority level of a job.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobProxyUsage
defines constant values that specify which proxy to use for file transfers. You can define different proxy settings for each job.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobState
Defines constant values for the different states of a job.
Public enumerationBackgroundCopyJobType
Defines constant values that specify the type of transfer job, such as download.