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BackgroundCopyManagerCreateJob Method

Creates a transfer job.

Namespace:  usis.Net.Bits
Assembly:  usis.Net.Bits (in usis.Net.Bits.dll) Version: (
public BackgroundCopyJob CreateJob(
	string displayName,
	BackgroundCopyJobType type


Type: SystemString
A string that contains a display name for the job. Typically, the display name is used to identify the job in a user interface. Note that more than one job may have the same display name. Must not be null. The name is limited to 256 characters.
Type: usis.Net.BitsBackgroundCopyJobType
The type of transfer job.

Return Value

Type: BackgroundCopyJob
An instance of the BackgroundCopyJob class that represent the newly created job.
ArgumentNullExceptiondisplayName is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
ObjectDisposedExceptionThe method was called after the object was disposed.
BackgroundCopyExceptionAn error occured during a BITS method call.
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