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BackgroundCopyJobProxyUsage Enumeration

defines constant values that specify which proxy to use for file transfers. You can define different proxy settings for each job.

Namespace:  usis.Net.Bits
Assembly:  usis.Net.Bits (in usis.Net.Bits.dll) Version: (
public enum BackgroundCopyJobProxyUsage
  Member nameValueDescription
Preconfigured0 Use the proxy and proxy bypass list settings defined by each user to transfer files. Settings are user-defined from Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections, Local Area Network (LAN) settings (or Dial-up settings, depending on the network connection).
NoProxy1 Do not use a proxy to transfer files. Use this option when you transfer files within a LAN.
Override2 Use the application's proxy and proxy bypass list to transfer files. Use this option when you cannot trust that the system settings are correct. Also use this option when you want to transfer files using a special account, such as LocalSystem, to which the system settings do not apply.
AutoDetect3 Automatically detect proxy settings. BITS detects proxy settings for each file in the job.
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