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BackgroundCopyAuthenticationScheme Enumeration

Defines the constant values that specify the authentication scheme to use when a proxy or server requests user authentication.

Namespace:  usis.Net.Bits
Assembly:  usis.Net.Bits (in usis.Net.Bits.dll) Version: (
public enum BackgroundCopyAuthenticationScheme
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 No authentication scheme specified.
Basic1 Basic is a scheme in which the user name and password are sent in clear-text to the server or proxy.
Digest2 Digest is a challenge-response scheme that uses a server-specified data string for the challenge.
Ntlm3 NTLM is a challenge-response scheme that uses the credentials of the user for authentication in a Windows network environment.
Negotiate4 Simple and Protected Negotiation protocol (Snego) is a challenge-response scheme that negotiates with the server or proxy to determine which scheme to use for authentication. Examples are the Kerberos protocol and NTLM.
Passport5 Passport is a centralized authentication service provided by Microsoft that offers a single logon for member sites.
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