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BackgroundCopyJobState Enumeration

Defines constant values for the different states of a job.

Namespace:  usis.Net.Bits
Assembly:  usis.Net.Bits (in usis.Net.Bits.dll) Version: (
public enum BackgroundCopyJobState
  Member nameValueDescription
Queued0 Specifies that the job is in the queue and waiting to run. If a user logs off while their job is transferring, the job transitions to the queued state.
Connecting1 Specifies that BITS is trying to connect to the server. If the connection succeeds, the state of the job becomes Transferring; otherwise, the state becomes Error.
Transferring2 Specifies that BITS is transferring data for the job.
Suspended3 Specifies that the job is suspended (paused). To suspend a job, call the Suspend method. BITS automatically suspends a job when it is created. The job remains suspended until you call the Resume, Complete, or Cancel method.
Error4 Specifies that a non-recoverable error occurred (the service is unable to transfer the file). If the error, such as an access-denied error, can be corrected, call the Resume method after the error is fixed. However, if the error cannot be corrected, call the Cancel method to cancel the job, or call the Complete method to accept the portion of a download job that transferred successfully.
TransientError5 Specifies that a recoverable error occurred. BITS will retry jobs in the transient error state based on the retry interval you specify (see MinimumRetryDelay). The state of the job changes to Error if the job fails to make progress (see NoProgressTimeout). BITS does not retry the job if a network disconnect or disk lock error occurred (for example, chkdsk is running) or the MaxInternetBandwidth Group Policy is zero.
Transferred6 Specifies that your job was successfully processed. You must call the Complete method to acknowledge completion of the job and to make the files available to the client.
Acknowledged7 Specifies that you called the Complete method to acknowledge that your job completed successfully.
Canceled8 Specifies that you called the Cancel method to cancel the job (remove the job from the transfer queue).
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